10 Days in Public

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Oct 5, 2022
4:00 AM3:59 AM

Do you have something you’ve been wanting to learn? Or build? Or do?

Starting this Wednesday, every day for the next 10 days I’m going to spend some time learning how to do something and post a daily update in #scrapbook. If you want to join, add yourself to #10-days-in-public

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a topic you want to learn (or a project you want to build) (or something you want to do)

  2. Spend a little time every day for the next 10 days learning / building / doing that thing

  3. Each day, post a small update in #scrapbook with your progress

  4. For everyone who makes it all 10 days, you’ll be invited to the celebration call next Friday (October 14th) and I’ll send you some homemade fudge from our neighbors in Vermont!

Would love for anyone interested to participate.