AMA w/ Christina Entcheva

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May 5, 2023
11:00 PM12:00 AM

hey everyone!! @Aileen and I are so so excited to announce a new ama. found. in the wild!!

this friday (May 5) at 7pm ET, we’ll be talking with Christina Entcheva who is currently the director of software engineering at github but has worn many hats in the past:

  • she’s worked as a head of engineering / design / and etc, at various places in the past, including thoughtbot (for you ruby fans 👀)
  • just like the ethos of hack club, she cares a lot about mentoring and has worked to mentor formerly incarcerated people in coding/design/and engineering practices as part of a super cool org called Emergent Works
  • and she’s an ARTIST! 🖌️ she’s had her art displayed in exhibits before and she does a super cool mix of graphic design, paints, and prints, and also has done some resin and bleach art 🪵
  • (has amazing fashion sense?? she’s done some work in fashion as well too. yk. just in case she wasn’t cool enough already)
  • we met her in NYC at the horizon hackathon and learned that she cares a lot about tech ethics and strives to encourage a greater care and understanding for it in the people around her

Join us at 5 May at 4pm PT / 7pm ET, react with :github: on the announcement post to RSVP :)

— @cold brew claire

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