AMA with David Malan

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Feb 11, 2023
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Hey all! I’m so excited to share that Maggie and I, Lucas, are hosting an AMA with David Malan, the famous Harvard CS50’s professor and next Friday, Feb 10 at 7 pm ET (convert to your time here)!

We love CS50 (though did you really finish it :eyes:?), and how David uses super fun demonstrations (ripping apart phone books, binary bulbs, and of course, debugging ducks 🐤) to teach programming concepts, so we’re super excited for a chance to chat with him!

We're counting on your presence… so be sure to RSVP by reacting to this message with :cs50-duck:!

Never heard of David Malan? Here are some fun facts about him:

  • He teaches CS50, the largest open-learning course at Harvard University and Yale University and the largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) at EdX
  • CS50 is filmed with multiple cameras to make the online experience as good or better than in person.
  • Almost 4 million students have taken his EdX version of CS50 Malan gives students free ‘I TOOK CS50’ stress balls and t-shirts and they are collectors items!
  • He also spends part of his time with GitHub as a Professor in Residence

Learn more: and check out CS50:

See you next Friday, react with :cs50-duck: on this message to join us :)

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