AMA with Elon Musk

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Apr 24, 2020
8:00 PM8:30 PM

Elon is one of the most prolific & ambitious hackers of the last decade, and it says a lot about the community we’ve built that he’s chosen to come spend his time with us. You can only join the video call and ask questions if you are a Hack Club high school student or Hack Club alumni. You’ll need to RSVP & sign a waiver (details below) to join the call. The public can watch the livestream on YouTube, no RSVP needed. We’ll post the link in this channel and on Twitter Friday 20 minutes before the call. If you are a current high school student or Hack Club alumni & would like the opportunity to join the video call & ask a question, please do this: Fill out this form, providing your Slack handle & an email address that you check: Sign this waiver to give us permission to record you during the call—make sure to provide the same email as you used in Step 1. If you’re under 18, you’ll need to put in a parent’s info as well: If you’re over 18, please use this link: The call will be about 30 minutes. Please note that we only have a limited number of slots—so please get your info in & sign the waiver ASAP. We’ll add you to a private channel if you have been chosen to be on the call.

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