AMA with Justin Truman

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Dec 10, 2022
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Hey everyone!

📢 AMA alert! 📢

This Friday (Dec 9) at 7pm ET, we’re talking to a key figure in the world of video games 🎮: Bungie’s Justin Truman! He developed Destiny 2 and was head of engineering for HALO.

Here’s why I can’t wait to speak to him:

  • He took Bungie from small-time indie to a major studio (now part of SONY)!
  • Imagine trying to create/code, and every single decision is instantly reviewed and criticized. That’s what he deals with, everyday!
  • Destiny 2 season 19 ships today, and Justin is leading this effort :mindblown:
  • There are ~900,000 total registered players on Destiny (and there are ~1.03 million current players on Destiny 2) and 15% of that play it daily!
  • He knows all sides of game development (he helped build the Destiny engine when he was engineering lead—later, he was both design director and production director of Destiny 2)

SO JOIN US and ask him your own questions, it’s DEC 9 at 7 PM EST! React with :destiny: in the announcements message to rsvp!

— Claire

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