AMA with Supabase Supasquad

An event hosted byTejas Agarwal profile pictureTejas Agarwal
Aug 28, 2021
2:00 AM3:00 AM

On Friday the 27th of August, we’ll be hosting a community AMA with Paul Copplestone & Rory Wilding from Supabase (or the SupaSquad!). Supabase, if you aren’t aware, is an “open source alternative to Firebase”. It’s a pretty great web development platform to hack on (it provides you with a PostgreSQL-based relational database, storage, authentication & more all packaged up to work together), and we’ve already seen some epic projects build with Supabase in #ship It’s also interesting to see how they’ve built the company all around creating open source products. You can learn more about Supabase on their GitHub: :D

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