AMA with Vitalik Buterin

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Feb 4, 2022
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Heya, Hack Club! We’ve been planning another AMA, and this time, the guest is spicy—Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and creator of Ethereum! Come join on Thursday, February 3rd at 8pm ET! 🎉

👀 If you’ve never heard of Vitalik before, don’t stress out! Here’s the TL;DR of this incredible hacker, designer, and developer working on the future of currency and computers:

  • He was a part of the 2014 class of Thiel Fellows (the same program that Hack Club was in!)
  • 📚 Before that, he studied CS at the University of Waterloo, where he worked under people like Ian Goldberg on security research, and even won a medal in the IOI!
  • Vitalik’s also the youngest crypto billionaire ever, and immigrated to Canada alongside his family at 8! @Claire and I are so excited to be hosting. To help think about some questions, check out some talks he’s given at TechCrunch Disrupt and CoinTelegraph!

Ethereum is a pretty abstract concept — if you’d like a primer on what crypto/blockchain exactly is (and how Ethereum fits in), feel free to join our Intro to Crypto call on Feb 1, at 8pm ET hosted by @christina, @msw ඞ and me! We’ll start off at the very beginning — discussing what, why, and how all the blocks get chained up, and answering questions. React to this message with a :one: to be added to the Intro to Crypto call!

Can’t wait to see all of you there! - @kombucha kothari & @cold brew claire

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