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Dec 18, 2021
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Ho ho ho, Hack Club

We're getting December started off with CodeJelly this very weekend.

What’s CodeJelly, hmm? Well, it's like a hackathon but we're doing it gamejam-style. This means we’ll all be playing with a couple of themes for the projects we build, just like gamejams do. And also it’s named codejelly because everyone who submits a project this weekend is literally receiving fresh, homemade, JELLY . And like I’m literally making jelly for all of you myself okay, and jam is really tough to make compared to jelly, so you're getting jelly and you'll love it trust me. In the mail.

So how do you attend? (Fri 12/17, 8pm ET) Join #codejelly or comment your favorite flavor of jelly here, and I’ll DM you the zoom link and more details! This Friday we’ll have a big zoom call to hangout, form teams and share ideas, and then get right to hacking. We’ll do a bunch of that and then demo all together on Sunday . Want to meet-up with friends irl for CodeJelly? Let us know and we’ll buy you pizza .. seriously! Ask in #codejelly or DM me (@zachary (me,me)) and HQ will pay for it . Anyway… back to themes.

What do themes mean exactly? Well, they're a tool to spark creativity in your brains , an idea borrow from gamejams. For instance, the theme "A new language!" could be interpreted many ways: one might think “I should test out a new coding language this weekend!”, another hacker says “we’ll code a game with characters who can't communicate (at first)”, while one more hears “let’s use AI to generate believable-but-fake new dialects.” Lots of ideas, see? It's fun to take your own understanding and be creative with it, so the most fun ideas tend to make that easy . There will be TWO themes: one from me, and one from you!

The first theme for CodeJelly was chosen by me, and it is: Reflection

The community theme for CodeJelly, based on community vote is: Amnesia