Hack Club AMA w/ Michael Dell

An event hosted byKevin, Henry and Sahiti profile pictureKevin, Henry and Sahiti
Jan 27, 2024
12:00 AM1:00 AM

Kevin, Henry and Sahiti will be hosting an AMA with Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies AMAs are a chance for us hack clubbers to ask influential leaders any questions we want! I'm specifically curious about who he sees as a role model for his entrepreneurial mindset (he's literally a modern-day Rockefeller). Some facts I found intriguing about Micheal:

  • He was always fascinated with electronics :pcb: and business and at 19, he started PCs Limited (now Dell) from his dorm room with just $1000 (soon thereafter, he dropped out of college to pursue his company) — (totally would've loved hack club)!
  • At 15, he took apart an Apple computer to figure out how it worked
  • He started his entrepreneurship streak early! in high school, he took a job selling newspaper subscriptions and earned $18,000 in a month
  • At 27 y/o, he became the youngest CEO of a company ranked in Fortune 500 & is currently the 15th richest person
  • Since its founding, Dell has sold more than 700 million computers!
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