Intro to Next.js with @coetry

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Oct 26, 2020
11:00 PM12:00 AM

As Hack Club’s web-maestro, I’m a huge fan of Next.js & Vercel & use them for all my sites, including This Tuesday, the first Next.js Conf begins & Hack Club is the official student partner!

To kick off, I’m running an intro to Next.js for Hack Clubbers with Allen Hai (@coetry) of Vercel. If you’ve worked with HTML or basic JS before but you’re curious about React.js or Next.js, this is for you—it’ll be entry-level, with a live-code then Q&A.

Vercel is designing a 💌 custom sticker for Hack Clubbers who attend. If you attend the event or post your ticket to Scrapbook with the :vercel: reaction, HQ will 📬 mail you one!