Machine Demo w/ ArtMatr

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Apr 16, 2023
3:00 PM4:00 PM

Hi everyone 👋🏼 This Sunday (April 16) at 11am ET, we're turning our pixel canvas into a physical painting on an AMA with Ben Trit (founder of Artmatr) and Owen Trueblood who build machines to create art!

I’m so excited to co-host this AMA with @Kognise — both Ben and Owen are working to solve the problem of transforming digital art onto canvases you can hang on the wall. Here are some cool projects you might want to check out!

  • 🦾 Crash a robotic hand that mimics a painter’s and can be used to machine-mediate painting experiments.
  • 🧶 A hacked tufting gun mounted on a robot arm to make CNC textile art!
  • 🖨️ The printing robot, which uses InkJet style printing to create art

And some other projects Owen’s worked on: repurposing Snapchat Spectacles (remember those??) and creating a custom keyboard for VR — I love how hacky these inventions (and so many more) are.

We need your help: leave your mark on this r/place style canvas here and Ben and Owen will use one of their machines to draw it during the AMA!

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