Sprig Jam

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Sep 17, 2022
12:00 AM2:00 AM

On Friday the 16th starting at 8PM Eastern till we get too tired we’ll be having a virtual Sprig jam. Come and make games with the people who made Sprig!

You build a game, we ship you a console!

The Hack Club Sprig is a handheld gaming console 🎮 where every player is a creator. You can only obtain a Sprig by contributing to its game gallery.

Sprig is a tool to build and share your own creative projects. Using the web editor, which comes with built-in sound and sprite editors, you can make fun tile-based games in JavaScript that can be loaded and played on your Sprig console.

Get a Sprig in 3 steps: 🎮 Build a Sprig game in the online JavaScript game editor ⤴️ Make a pull request to add your game to the Sprig gallery in the GitHub repository 📬 Once your PR is merged, get a Sprig kit in your mailbox

We only have 430 devices so start submitting your games now but we won't be shipping the devices till October. This game could be your first coding project or your hundredth!

You can start making your game right away or head over to #sprig on the Hack Club Slack if you have questions!

Link: https://hack.af/z-join?id=tr9ex