Weekly Burrow Meeting

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Apr 18, 2023
1:00 AM2:00 AM

From @conrad: Hi everyone! My name is Conrad and I’m excited to be joining the Hack Club community. I am going to be sharing a new project with you all today :smile: We’re calling it burrow for now, and it is a tool to help you burrow through firewalls. I think internet access is pretty important for learning and it’s ironic that schools block websites like Github or Hack Club. I want to build a free VPN that students can use to get around the blocks.

Tonight’s call will be at 6pm PT/9pm ET again, where I will share some progress updates. I’d also love to start figuring out who is interested in helping with what, and helping people get started. I started making Github Issues, but they don’t have full descriptions yet.

Today, my goals are to:

  • Get the tun crate reading and writing packets. A lot of different components need to work together for this and my refactor is in progress: https://github.com/hackclub/burrow/pull/23
  • Resolve all open PRs / discussions
  • Write great getting started documentation for first-time contributors